Welcome to the Draglings Video Slot game, featuring Free spins, Wild symbols, Expanding Wilds, and a special Spreading Wild that boosts your winnings! Draglings is a 5-reel Video Slot with 40 paylines from left to right, displayed over a diamond-shaped window with 3 to 5 symbols per reel. The game uses eight regular symbols; lining up three or more in sequence on a payline from either the leftmost or rightmost position results in a win. All Wild symbols can replace any standard symbols. The game offers three types of Wild symbols – Standard, Expanding, and Spreading. An Expanding Wild transforms all symbols on its reel into Wilds, while a Spreading Wild adds 1 to 4 new Wild symbols, potentially increasing your winnings. These additional Wilds can land anywhere on the screen and can be any type: Standard, Expanding, or Spreading. Three Free Spin symbols earn 10 Free spins, four symbols earn 20, and five symbols earn a whopping 75 Free spins. More Wilds appear during Free spins, and you can even win more Free spins; just two Free Spin symbols will award two additional spins.