Join the adventure in our first ever branded game – Nitro Circus! This high-octane slot game showcases some of Nitro Circus’s top performers, most thrilling stunts, and wildest vehicles! The game includes an engaging base game and Free Spins, with the highlight being the unique Nitro Jump bonus game. Here, players can soar through the sky on one of seven vehicles, collecting multipliers, coin wins, and other bonuses to maximize their winnings. The bonus games can be accessed through scatters and collections, and players can choose from three different risk levels. However, be aware – the faster the chosen jump speed, the higher the potential for increased win multipliers, but the risk of a failed landing resulting in minimal wins also increases! Please note that this game is not included in our regular roadmap, so ensure to reach out to your Campaign Expert to learn how to access this game and start your own campaigns!