The Orient Express slot by Yggdrasil is visually stunning, resembling their many other slots. Its 19th-century aesthetic is reflected in the design of the train and the costumes of the characters. The game takes you on a journey through four different cities, each with unique graphics, viewed through the train’s window as the reels change. The sound design, while not as striking as the visuals, includes a fitting classic track and subtle sound effects related to winning characters and features. It’s evident that Yggdrasil put a lot of effort into the design of the Orient Express slot.<br><br>This slot provides a bit of a challenge and an engaging theme. Once you reach Istanbul, you can select which city to explore next. Traveling to all cities is required, and each city offers a mode where you can win through walking wilds, utilizing 12 random wilds, multipliers, and wild reels. <br><br>The Orient Express slot has a respectable Return to Player (RTP) of 96.2%. Its volatility is contingent upon which city you’re traveling through, but generally falls within the low to medium range. Players can bet a minimum of €0.20 and a maximum of €100, and can win up to 1,000 coins in the base game or up to 500,000 coins traveling through Venice.<br><br>Despite its unique and beautiful graphics, Yggdrasil opted for a traditional symbol breakdown in this game. The high-value symbols are original characters from the book, while the lower-value symbols are card suits. There are also four wild symbols that can replace regular symbols, and a scatter symbol that triggers free spins.<br><br>The Orient Express slot is feature-rich, starting in Paris where players can benefit from walking wilds that trigger re-spins. The free spins feature is activated when at least three scatter symbols appear, offering 7, 15, or 30 free spins with better terms. Once all four cities have been visited, players can choose their preferred city to play in.<br><br>In our view, Orient Express is a triumph of game design, with graphics, style, and theme all expertly matched to offer a complete gaming experience. The game even includes a special introductory movie. The frequency of wins keeps the game moving, and while free spins are not frequent, they occur often enough to keep players engaged. The gameplay of Orient Express is exciting, and we particularly enjoyed the ability to level up from one mode to another and the different features each mode offers. Why not give it a try at one of our recommended casinos? Embark on a journey of a lifetime!