The holiday season is fast approaching, and developers are busy producing seasonal versions of popular games. One such example is Carol of the Elves, a game that was once popular but has been overshadowed by its more impressive sequel. You can place bets ranging from 10p to £150 on this game, which maintains the same solid bet range as Valley of the Gods, but with a different theme. The visuals are not as impressive as other games from this developer, but seasonal games are not usually a high priority due to their short lifespan. The nostalgic soundtrack is sure to evoke some emotions. The gameplay remains entertaining, especially when you continue to build the ever-increasing multiplier for long winning streaks. Each corner of the 5×5 grid has 3 blocked symbol positions, meaning that a total of 12 symbol positions are blocked. When you land a winning combination, magic orbs fly from the winning symbols and unblock the same amount of blocker tiles, giving you a respin. This continues as long as you keep winning. All blockers reset when you don’t win anymore, but the fun really starts when you open up the whole grid. The magic orbs from the winning symbols are then collected by either the green elf or the red elf. The green elf increases the multiplier by +1 each time you fill the meter, while the red elf gives you extra lives. You need 5 winning symbol orbs to fill either of the meters, and an extra life is used up each time you land a non-winning spin. The blue orbs fill the multiplier meter which starts at 2x, and the red orbs fill the extra life meter. The feature continues as long as you don’t run out of extra lives, and the longer it lasts, the more you stand to win. Everything resets to the base game once you run out of lives. We’ve created a highlights video of our 200 spins session for you to see how it all plays out. We managed to open up the grid twice, and the second time takes us on a thrilling ride that lasts for a while. You can check it out by clicking the play button! The transformation from ancient Egyptian tombs to Christmas elves works well in this holiday reskin from Yggdrasil. It’s not surprising that they chose Valley of the Gods as the game to clone for some Christmas action. The game was a big hit, and unlocking those reel positions feels like unwrapping a Christmas present. The nostalgic and sentimental soundtrack may help players get into the Christmas spirit. The visuals are not as impressive as other Yggdrasil games, but this is understandable for a seasonal game. If you liked the original game, you now have a festive alternative. Valley Of The Gods is the same game as Carol of the Elves except for the theme, visuals, and soundtrack. It was a big hit when it was first released, but its sequel has somewhat eclipsed it. However, it’s still worth checking out if you enjoy Carol of the Elves. Valley Of The Gods 2 features the same reel unblocking mechanics as the first game, but with a different reel set. It’s more volatile than the original game, but you also have the chance to win more than 6,000x your stake. Additionally, you now have wild reels to help keep your winning streaks going. Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special is a seasonal version of Quickspin’s award-winning hit game. The goal is to get the wolf to huff and puff and blow the little pigs’ houses down. However, in this version, the wolf is dressed like Santa, which we think makes him even more menacing.