Syncronite Splitz is the third game in Yggdrasil’s Splitz mechanic series, and it stands out with its unique retro, casino-inspired Art Deco design. Its synced Splitz reels feature offers impressive win potential, and the jazzy soundtrack adds to the overall atmosphere. Players need to land at least three adjacent symbols from left to right to create winning combinations. <br><br>The game has a hit rate of 27.34%, meaning around one in four spins result in a win. Its return to player (RTP) rate is 96%, which is pretty decent. While some players may miss having a bonus round, the interaction between the two features can create significant wins. The game combines the innovative Splitz mechanic with synchronized reels, offering between two and six Splitz symbols on any given spin. <br><br>There is no free spins bonus round, but the combination of features on offer can lead to substantial payouts. The Synced Reels feature is active on every spin, offering between two and six synchronized reels. When you land Splitz symbols on the synced reels, you can expect significant payouts. <br><br>Our 200 spins highlights video gives a good idea of how the game operates, showcasing the exciting combination of features. The game might seem simple at first glance, but the interaction between the two main features can result in big wins. With a theoretical max win potential of 64,000x, this game is a powerful addition to Yggdrasil’s portfolio. <br><br>The absence of a bonus game or free spins round might disappoint some players, but the synced Splitz reels add to the excitement. As the number of Splitz Ways increases, the potential for a solid payout also grows. <br><br>If you’re interested in similar games, we recommend checking out Grand Galore, Neon Rush Splitz, and Twin Spin Megaways. These games offer similar features, like synchronizing reels, and significant win potential.