The Cossack culture, known for its fierce warriors, is showcased in Yggdrasil’s game “Of Sabers and Monsters.” This game, a spinoff from the popular Vikings Go series, features a 6×4 grid set in a wheat field with a black raven and drifting clouds. <br><br>The game introduces four Cossack warrior characters battling monsters. It’s similar to the Viking releases, but has its unique features. The rage meters are replaced with Ardent Meters, which work in the same manner. Filling up the meters triggers Ardent Respins, with characters turning into sticky wilds if they defeat the monsters. <br><br>The game also features a regular bonus round and the Tempest feature, which offers potentially huge payouts. The character symbols are crucial in achieving wins, and the game also includes a Focus Meter for each character, which can trigger the Ardent Respins feature. <br><br>Other features include the Skirmish feature, and the Feather Symbol which offers various prizes and additional spins. The game also has a bonus round that can be triggered by scatter symbols. <br><br>The Tempest Bonus Round can be triggered by the Feather symbol, with characters always defeating monsters and turning into sticky wilds. Non-UK players have the option to buy into the bonus rounds. <br><br>Though “Of Sabers and Monsters” bears a resemblance to the Vikings Go series, it offers a fresh perspective with its Cossack characters and numerous features. However, the game could have been improved with more experimental core features. Despite this, the game offers a thrilling experience with its monster battling and sticky wilds features, and the potential for high payouts. <br><br>Other games with similar themes include “Cossacks the Wild Hunt,” “Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded,” and “Vikings Go To Valhalla.” All these games offer unique features and potential for huge payouts.