The Bai She Zhuan, also known as the Legend of the White Snake, is set in the era of the Ming Dynasty and follows the mystical journey of a young boy named Xu Xian. One day, Xu Xian accidentally throws immortality pills into a lake inhabited by the White Snake, who eats the pills before a nearby turtle can get to them. Over the years, the White Snake turns herself into a human being called Bai Suzhen, meets Xu Xian, and they fall in love and get married. The turtle, driven by jealousy, uses Daoist magic to turn himself into a Buddhist Monk named Fa Hai and seeks revenge against Bai Suzhen. <br><br>Now, you have a chance to join Bai Suzhen in her epic battle against Fa Hai in this 5-reel, 25-line action slot game. The game features authentic Chinese imagery, high-quality graphics, and a fitting soundtrack. Your aim is to get the best combination of the snake or terrapin symbols to unlock a multitude of features for legendary wins, such as free spins and mystery boxes with instant cash prizes. The game is about helping Bai Suzhen win. The two characters are stuck in an eternal battle, trying to free themselves from their statues. <br><br>Wins are classified as either electrifying blue wins or fiery red wins, based on the sum of blue symbols and red symbols lines participating in the win. Consecutive blue or red wins will help one character break free by storing energy and cracking their statue, which can be stopped by wins from the opposing character. When one character is freed, a special feature is triggered – Bai Suzhen’s Free Spins or Fa Hai’s Bonus Game, depending on the victor. <br><br>Please note, any change in the bet amount after the statues have started cracking will reset them to their original forms. It is advisable to change the bet amount only when the statues are intact.