The Legend of the White Snake Lady is a straightforward video slot game based on the classic Chinese tale of the same name. It boasts a high variance and a return-to-player (RTP) rate of 96.1%. You can potentially win up to 25,000 coins, with the main aim being to get 5 of the same symbols. This will reward you with 100 times your bet. If you manage to get a natural 5 of the same top-paying symbols (without a wild), you’ll receive 1000 times your bet. The ‘Win all Ways’ feature and the thrilling excitement spin make this game easily understandable for newcomers. There are no pay lines in this game; any three or more consecutive symbols from either direction will result in a win. The excitement spin is triggered when the player is close to achieving a win from either side. The middle reel is then highlighted and a brief pause ensues before the reel lands. The larger the potential win, the grander the excitement spin! Despite its simple mechanics, the game offers excellent art and animation. We rate this game 6.3.